Prenatal and Postnatal Chiropractic Care in Warwick

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Pregnancy Pain Reduction & a Shorter Labor

Seeing your chiropractor throughout pregnancy is a safe, effective, and drug-free way to treat pain and support an overall healthy pregnancy. 

One study found that people who sought chiropractic treatment throughout pregnancy had a 25% shorter labor. Another found that chiropractic care in pregnancy provided relief from back pain in 84% of cases.

Make Enos Chiropractic Center part of your health care team during pregnancy and after delivery.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Some aches and pains are to be expected in pregnancy: a person gains weight to support the healthy growth of the baby, and the hormone relaxin allows ligaments to loosen in preparation for delivery. 

Ongoing chiropractic care can provide pain relief that makes it easier to stay active throughout pregnancy. It can even support quicker labor.

Other potential benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy include:

  • Relieving back pain during pregnancy
  • Less back labor during delivery
  • Resolving a breech presentation by balancing the pelvis and associated muscles
  • Avoiding an unwanted C-section

Postnatal Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy, labor, and delivery all take a toll on the body, and it’s essential to take time to recover from these significant changes. Everyone is different; for some people, full recovery may take 6–8 weeks, while others may need several months to feel a sense of normalcy in their bodies. 

Feeding, lifting, and simply holding your newest, littlest family member can add physical challenges to your recovery and your new normal. Your chiropractor can help relieve neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain to keep you feeling well throughout your recovery as you get to know your new baby.

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