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Enhanced Therapeutic Services for Function & Movement

When you’re looking to restore function, reduce pain, or recover from an injury, physiotherapy treatments can be an important part of your holistic chiropractic care plan.

Our experienced team uses therapeutic procedures to enhance your chiropractic treatment based on your doctor’s thorough personalized assessment of your symptoms and needs.

Why Physiotherapy at the Chiropractor?

At Enos Chiropractic Center, we’re not just here to relieve your pain; we want to set you up for a pain-free life in the years to come. That’s why we create a comprehensive, personalized treatment and wellness plan for every patient we treat. 

In addition to spinal manipulation and chiropractic adjustments, our wellness plans can include at-home and in-clinic stretches and exercises, soft tissue treatment, guidance on good posture and nutrition, and physiotherapy. 

Learn more about what to expect from your chiropractic care.

Physiotherapy Procedures at Enos Chiropractic Center

To complement and enhance the healing effects of your chiropractic care, your appointment may include one or more physiotherapy treatments. The treatment plan recommended by your chiropractor is based on a thorough consultation with you, a health history, and an examination. No procedure is ever performed without your consent. 

If you’re ever curious for more information about a treatment we’ve recommended for you, please ask in your appointment or give us a call.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy uses sound waves to treat pain and stimulate tissue recovery. It can be effective on some types of chronic pain and for strains or sprains in different areas of the body.

We’ll apply gel to your skin in the area to be treated and run a wand over the area for 5–10 minutes. You might feel a bit of pulsing or warmth or nothing at all other than the wand moving over your skin.

Interferential electrical muscle stimulation uses low-frequency electrical pulses to treat pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and restore movement in the treated area.

We’ll apply electrodes in the affected area, and you may feel a tingling sensation during treatment.

Microamperage (or microcurrent) neural stimulation (MENS) uses weak electrical currents to treat pain and stiffness and support a speedier recovery.

Mechanical spinal traction uses a specialized table with pulleys, belts, and straps that allow your practitioner to decompress your spine, relieve pressure, and create a better healing environment to support your recovery.

Cryotherapy applies very cold temperatures to parts of your body with ice packs, cooling spray, ice baths, or other methods, intending to treat acute pain, injuries, pinched nerves, and chronic pain.

Moist heat therapy uses hot packs placed strategically on your neck or back to relax muscles, boost circulation, and promote healing and pain relief. Some injuries won’t benefit from heat, while others will, so we’re always sure to assess your symptoms fully as part of your consultation.

Poor posture can affect your entire body, from causing back and neck pain, to making you more injury-prone and affecting your overall mobility. Our team can work with you to adjust your static posture (standing, sitting, and sleeping) and dynamic posture (in motion) and help you make good posture a habit.

Massage for Relaxation, Therapy, & Recovery

Make the reducing, pain-relieving, and stimulating benefits of massage therapy part of your full-body health care plan.

Massage can support both your physical and mental health, thanks to its ability to provide soothing relaxation as well as targeting pain, discomfort, and reduced mobility. Our massage therapist is experienced in a range of massage techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, sport, and prenatal massage as well as reflexology.

Please call our licensed massage therapist Brenda Richtmeyer directly to book your appointment or to learn more. She can be reached at 401-258-6444.

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You can find the entrance to our practice on Toll Gate Road. Take the exit onto Calef Street, and you’ll find us behind Laugh & Learn Academy and Cafe Tempo.

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Our Google Reviews

Susan Kennedy
Susan Kennedy
Securing treatment for chronic back issues has been both necessary and rewarding - Dr. Enos and Center staff are knowledgeable, caring, and a pleasure to engage with -- best health move I've made in years!
Jennifer Thomson
Jennifer Thomson
Dr Enos is Fantastic! Started seeing him due to a Car Accident and never left! He has kept me going, as well as Fixing my Almost Carpal Tunnel. I used to get pains in my wrists that would shoot up my arm, and after his wrist work. I have not felt that pain in over a Year! Working at a Computer for 17 years, and typing has taken its toll. But after seeing him, I no longer get those pains! Highly Recommend for more than just neck and back adjustments!
Justin Bass
Justin Bass
Dealing with migraines all my life, Enos Chiropractic Center is a game changer! From the first visit, I felt an immediate improvement in my neck and back. It is a natural alternative to medication. The staff is friendly and the scheduling process is a breeze. Highly recommend this office!
scott kell
scott kell
I've been going to Dr Enos For almost two years now and can't say enough about How great my experience has been. I feel so great my back is just wonderful do to Dr Enos.the office staff is simply put the best I highly recommend Enos Chiropractic Center !!!!
Monica Clark
Monica Clark
I cannot praise Dr. Enos and his staff enough. Dealing with scoliosis, chronic neck pain and chronic migraines I was desperate for even an ounce of relief. My neck pain and back pain is to a point where I can enjoy life again with minimal pain. My migraines have gone from extreme where I couldn't function to being able to function again while still some pain; however, the overall feel of them has drastically changed to a point I never imagined and the overall amount I get per month has been cut in at least half most months. As someone who was nervous about price as they do not take my insurance and as most have mentioned it can be expensive, I will say it's been worth every penny. Every goal he set for me at the initial consult we have met and then some.
Tom JaKaTaK
Tom JaKaTaK
I had chronic back pain for over 20 years. In less than 18 months I was feeling better at 33 than I felt at 12. Dr. Enos takes a precise, scientific approach that I have only ever found once before and is extremely effective. I strongly suggest to everyone i know get a check-up, even if they don't have symptoms. Keeping your spine healthy should be a more common preventative health routine in my opinion.
Yale Katz
Yale Katz
Dr. Enos and team have gone above and beyond to help me with a chronic sciatica issue I have been dealing with for years. Moreover, I've experienced an improvement in overall back health and recovery times thanks to the care received and guidance for at-home exercises. The office itself is extremely clean, well-organized, and relaxing. The staff are very friendly and flexible with working out a time that best fits the patient's schedule. Dr. Enos always answers my questions, ensures patient education is thorough, and has several times gone out of his way to perform extra research / recommendations based on other related health issues. If you're seeking a chiropractor, look no further than Enos Chiropractic Center - you'll be glad you did.
Katherine Grove
Katherine Grove
Worth the time & money! I’ve never had a chiropractor examine me like they did and show me x rays to back up the diagnosis. Thank goodness I went to him when I did, I am working on my overall health and always feel welcome and heard. They do everything they say they’re going to do and it is a great community feeling. Thanks Dr Enos!
Ken Lowell
Ken Lowell
Friendly, knowledgeable easy to work with
Crystal Langevin
Crystal Langevin
Always greeted by great staff when I come. They are so efficient on the way they set up appointments. Makes my day planning so much easier knowing that I will be my apt at the time I booked. Enos is great to work with to get you to the place you want to and feel.

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Briana has been working in the medical field for five years but needed a change. That’s when chiropractic/alternative medicine caught her attention. Briana is excited to begin her new journey and learn more about chiropractic care. In her free time, Briana enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Jessica is a relatively new member of the Enos Chiropractic team. She is excited to be on this new journey. In her free time, you can find Jessica enjoying the beach and exploring all things that nature has to offer with her family.